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VIP Concierge Service

vip concierge service

Stress-Free Auto Repair In Gilbert, Arizona

This focus on making the repair as easy as possible for our customers is what led us to create a concierge repair service. This is perfect for people who are too busy with work to set a day aside for car care. If you’re in the Gilbert or Phoenix area, let us take care of it for you.

Highline Concierge Service is perfect for when a regular shuttle service isn’t convenient enough. Busy business professionals need work done on their cars too, and when they do concierge car care is the way to go. You no longer have to leave your desk to get your vehicle serviced.

The Easy, No-hassle Solution For Your Vehicle Maintenance Needs

Apresto gives you a convenient service and scheduling option to fit your busy lifestyle.

With Apresto, you simply open the app, schedule your appointment, drop off your car, or use our concierge service, and have your car serviced. It’s as easy as that!

Unlock The Full Potential Of Apresto!

Anyone can take advantage of the convenience and luxury of Apresto, but if you care about your car’s maintenance like we think you do, you’ll want to take advantage of our annual membership program.

Learn more about Apresto and download the App here

Excellent and Reliable Customer Service

Highline Car Care is committed to excellence and reliable customer service, so you can rest assured that your car is always being handled with the utmost care. All of our drivers are consummate professionals, and we have a thorough hiring process to vet everyone who touches your car throughout the entire process. You’ll get your vehicle back safely and in clean condition. We can even gas it up before bringing it back if you like.

In many cases, you’ll be getting your vehicle back on the same day. The only current limitations on same day service are caused by especially long repair projects or parts availability. We perform all types of services, from the most simple services to more intense repairs. Most customers like to use our concierge service when in need of tune-up or scheduled maintenance, brake service, shock and strut replacement, and oil changes. We can also have your vehicle detailed at the same time.

How Much Does Concierge Repair Cost?

The concierge service only costs $39 and will be waived entirely for any service over $100. Or to make sure you never have to pay a concierge charge, consider signing up for an annual membership. This eliminates the costs for concierge pickups and drop-offs. It also includes up to three oil changes per year (Euro long life and diesel only include one), or per 15,000 miles – Ask us about membership fees.

Highline Car Care does offer other options, such as traditional shuttle service. We also provide our customers with Ubers, loaner cars, and rental vehicles. These options are more economical than the concierge service but lack the unbeatable convenience busy professionals crave.

Whichever service you end up selecting, you can count on getting the phenomenal service and great deals our customers have come to expect from us. We’ve spent the last 15 years making a name for ourselves as the most trustworthy mechanic in Gilbert. Contact us today with any questions or to set up your concierge car service.

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