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Meet the Owner: Wes Hawkins

When I was 15 years old, I bought my first car, a 1968 Pontiac Firebird. The car had been sitting idle for 12 years and needed a lot of work. I worked hard to get that car running again and in the process developed a love and talent for performing quality auto repair. I know it sounds weird, but there’s something special about deconstructing an engine and putting it back together.

Working on cars all these years, I’ve seen and heard a lot of crazy stories. While some of them are funny (oh the noises you hear when you work in a shop), there are many stories that have given the auto repair industry a bad rap. Highline is my version of how an auto repair shop must care for vehicles and, more importantly, care for its customers. Come visit our team at our Gilbert auto repair shop.


My early years began in california, making my way through colorado, texas, and tennessee before landing in arizona. Celebrating 17 years honing my trade, the last 5 years with highline car care.

Our dynamic and ease of working together has changed this job into a place of business I can feel at home. When having extremely complex and difficult drivability issues, we band together combining our expertise and experience.


I was born and grew up in Idaho and made the decision to take a leap of faith and join the Highline car care team 9 years ago. I can honestly say, I have not looked back since. I am extremely proud to have 18 years in the automotive industry and continue to hold master ASE certification.

We work on not just a variety of vehicles daily, but our special projects really get the creative juices flowing. The ability to have a work-life balance and spend quality time with my wife and children really means a lot, especially in today’s day and age.


In 1992, I made my way from Massachusetts to Arizona to begin my adventure in the automotive world, getting a degree as an automotive technician and continuing the journey into shop management and efficiency.

The last three years being a part of the Highline Car Care family have been the most rewarding and enjoyable of all these 30+ years in the automotive industry. Our culture, clients, and team continue to surpass any expectations and growth.


I grew up in California and have had an absolute love for cars since childhood. Two years ago, I got an opportunity to join Highline Car Care and get to work with the cars I love firsthand. It’s like being at a car show daily here, you never know what might show up for maintenance or special build. really most of all, to be welcomed and part of the team taking the time to help me grow in the industry is pretty cool.

If you have not yet experienced the Highline Car Care way, you owe it to yourself to see what you have been missing.


I was born and raised in a small town on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio and have been in the auto industry for 9 years. I enjoy the chances to make an impact. Problem solving is what motivates me to come to work every day. My favorite thing about Highline is our culture and the great people I get to work with.

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