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Auto AC Repair in Gilbert, AZ: Dependable Cooling Solutions

Your car’s air conditioning (AC) system tirelessly works to transform warm air into a much more comfortable temperature every time you park your car for 15 minutes or more. It’s an incredible feat considering the challenging conditions under your car’s hood where vital AC components often face temperatures exceeding 250 degrees. Your vehicle’s AC system truly is a modern marvel, especially when compared to your home and work air conditioning. We all depend on our car AC to provide relief on hot days, but what happens when it doesn’t? Let’s explore some of our most common auto AC repair services we offer in Gilbert, AZ.

Comprehensive Car and Truck Air Conditioning Service

In the heat of summer, it’s a common problem – your car air conditioner doesn’t seem as cold as it used to be. So, what’s the issue? Our team at Highline Car Care in Gilbert, AZ, performs a meticulous step-by-step process with every AC Quick Check.

Initially, we examine your engine coolant temperature gauge. Is it within the normal range, or is it on the high end? Often, we find that AC complaints can actually be traced back to an engine cooling system issue. Your car’s AC will shut off if the engine overheats – a protective measure designed to safeguard both your vehicle’s AC and its engine. In many instances, we discover that a low engine coolant level has caused your AC to stop working. It might be as simple as topping off the radiator, or it could be a more complex issue like a water pump or radiator leak. Remember, an overheating engine should not be ignored – if the gauge is pointing towards H, immediately pull over and turn off the engine! Have your vehicle towed to Highline Car Care to prevent costly engine damage.

If your engine cooling system is in good shape, we’ll move on to inspect your AC components. Your car AC can stop blowing cold air if the refrigerant level drops too low. Even a healthy car’s AC can lose a significant amount of refrigerant in 5-8 years. Other times, we identify leaking hoses, compressors, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves, or even faulty O-rings or Schrader valves as the problem. Our initial step is to connect our pressure gauges to your auto AC to determine if it has enough refrigerant to operate correctly. If the refrigerant is low, we’ll visually inspect for major AC leaks. If we spot a leak, we’ll recommend repair of the damaged component and an AC recharge. If we don’t see an obvious leak, we’ll evacuate and recharge your car’s air conditioning to the proper level along with a leak detection dye to identify any future leaks. You might know this as an AC top off, Freon recharge, refrigerant refill, or air conditioning service.

AC Compressor Replacement

If our AC quick check indicates that your cooling system is functioning properly and your AC is not low on refrigerant, you might be facing a more significant issue – your air conditioning compressor may need to be replaced.

When we replace your compressor at Highline Car Care, we execute a thorough repair that ensures optimal air conditioning for years to come. A failed compressor can contaminate your entire air conditioning system with microscopic debris, posing a significant problem. Residual metal and nylon components can clog your condenser and metering device, reducing system efficiency, and potentially ruining your new AC compressor over time.

At Highline Car Care, we never cut corners on a repair to save you money in the short term. We always advocate for replacing your AC compressor as a complete kit, including the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and sometimes evaporator. This is the only way we can guarantee your air conditioning operates at peak performance and continues to do so for years ahead.

Remember, we provide a 3-year, 36,000-mile NATIONWIDE warranty on most AC repairs. We can only deliver this by offering top-quality parts and unparalleled service. We exclusively use original equipment or equivalent NEW parts. There are countless subpar knockoff parts out there, and even more used parts. While these might offer a quick fix, they won’t benefit you if you’re back in our shop next summer dealing with the same problem.

Is Your Car AC Not Blowing Air From Vents?

  • Your car air conditioner relies on a blower motor to circulate cold air through the vents, which may require attention over time. Typical issues we frequently encounter include:
  • Faulty AC blower motor – Located beneath your dash, usually right below your glove box. If smacking a faulty blower motor brings it back to life, you should expect to replace your blower motor to restore your auto AC’s cold air circulation.
  • Faulty climate control head – Many newer vehicles come with advanced automatic climate control features, but more electrical components mean more potential for failure. A faulty AC control won’t signal your blower motor to turn on and will need replacement.
  • Faulty blower motor resistor – While it sounds complex, it’s one of the simplest components in your auto AC. A failed resistor can sometimes cause your air conditioning to only blow at one or two of the speeds.
  • Faulty wiring – We’ve occasionally seen blower motor wiring get so hot that it has melted. In such a case, the wiring will need repair or replacement accordingly.
  • Plugged cabin air filter – This filter is responsible for purifying the air before it blows out of the vents, and it can get very dirty. It typically requires replacement every 12,000 miles. This is the most cost-effective preventative maintenance measure to ensure your blower motor functions at its best.
  • If you notice reduced air flow through your vents, you might have a blower motor issue – Let the pros at Highline diagnose your AC failure FREE of charge.

Radiator Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

If your air conditioner works perfectly while driving on the highway but starts blowing warm air in stop-and-go traffic, you may be facing a cooling fan issue.

Your engine cooling system and AC both rely on cool air being pulled over the radiator and condenser (located at the front of your engine compartment). Your condenser and radiator cooling fans are responsible for this during stop-and-go driving. When the air flow stops, your engine may overheat, and your AC may start blowing warm air. Don’t ignore this issue – Bring your vehicle to Highline for proper diagnosis and repair. You and your car will appreciate our swift service!

AC Leak Repair Service – Hoses, O Rings, Evaporator, and Damaged Condenser

AC hoses and O rings are made of rubber and exposed to high heat and pressures – Over time, they can start to leak and require attention. Evaporators are located inside your dash, and a leak can be challenging to diagnose and repair. Your condenser, located at the very front of your vehicle, can be damaged by rocks or other debris while driving.

Let the professionals at Highline perform a 5-point AC quick check to identify any issues with your car’s air conditioning. If your AC doesn’t feel right – whether it’s warmer, louder, or even impacting your acceleration more than usual, this free AC quick check gives you insight into your car’s performance and what you can do to restore your air conditioning to ice-cold temperatures. Trust in Highline Car Care for your auto AC repair needs in Gilbert, AZ.

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